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How to care for your jewelry

So you’ve just been given a tanzanite ring or beautiful piece of tanzanite jewelry. Congratulations! You have been given a gift that will not only last a lifetime, but that will be a beautiful reminder of this special day and that special person every day of your life. But because your tanzanite ring is so meaningful to you, that means you probably want to take care of it, and make sure that as the years pass, your ring keeps its luster and shine as much as its meaning to you.

So how do you care for tanzanite? First, you need to recognize its properties. Because the intense blue tanzanite that we know and love is not the natural color of the stone, but the color that appears after you treat the original zoiscite to heat, tanzanite itself is a brittle gemstone. Although it can be worn daily with no issues, and many people wear tanzanite jewelry for years without issue, daily care should be taken to protect the stone itself from knocks, pressure, and extreme temperature changes. The quality of the stone itself comes into play here, which is why you should always purchase from reputable dealers and jewelers, such as the ones featured on popular tanzanite sites like Tanzanite Rings HQ.

One thing you should DEFINITELY avoid is using a home ultrasonic machine to clean tanzanite jewelry. Remember, tanzanite itself was treated and cut in a heat process, so adding anything more could damage or change your current stone. While I personally own tanzanite jewelry that I wear on a mostly daily basis, I would recommend that if you have certain tanzanite rings that are especially meaningful to you, and you are prone to bumps and knocks, that you consider removing your jewelry before you undertake anything too physically taxing – or tasks such as dishwashing, weight lifting, or sports.

Remember that the band or setting surrounding the tanzanite might need to be treated in a certain way, and that should be considered too if you’re thinking about purchasing a piece of tanzanite jewelry – or if you already have your tanzanite ring and you’re looking into ways to clean and maintain it. For instance, if you have a white gold setting with diamond inlay, you need to consider what processes could keep the white gold shining and clean, but that won’t tarnish or ruin the tanzanite and diamonds if you utilize it. Whatever the case, just remember to treat your tanzanite with love and it will give you enjoyment for years to come.